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I probably shouldn't be posting now.  I'm in a rather emotional state, but whatever.  I'm just...  four people killed, two embassies attacked, because of something as moronic as an insulting movie clip?  First of all, I say bullshit.  The video was an excuse to attack two US Embassies on the anniversary of 9/11.

For context, I used to work in one of those two embassies.  I had Coptic friends who have now gone off the radar ever since the president of Egypt was overthrown.  I had Muslim friends there too.  So yeah, I understand why that video is extremely insulting.  I saw bits of it and had to just stop because it was that terrible.  I mean, at least Life of Brian didn't actually depict Jesus.  Just a parody of him.

All that aside, that is completely besides the point.  I'm convinced that these attacks were planned in advance and they decided to use the video as an excuse to incite people.  1. The video was posted on JULY 2!  You can't say that oh- they suddenly JUST NOW heard about it.  2. The rocket launcher used to kill US officials allegedly came from the weapons stockpile from Gaddaffi's regime, so they've had it for a while.  3. Look at the date!  9/11!  Of course they planned it!  4. I have faith that most ordinary people (Muslim or not) would not actually go and attack and kill people on a whim because of an off-shoot movie trailer.  And I know many must be horrified at these attacks.

So yes, people can go back and forth all they want about this video and Free Speech and setting alight a tinderbox of Muslim protest.  We should be more worried about how the media on both sides is using it as a smokescreen for real issues at hand.

Oh and lastly.  Fuck you Romney.  I am absolutely disgusted that you tried to turn this into a political attack when American people have DIED.  This is not the time to try to divide our people.

Back from London

Hey everybody.

You're all probably wondering what's held me up for so long, but I was off in London for two weeks.  I don't like to advertise where/when I'm going until after the fact.  ^__^  But I had an absolutely fantastic time!  And I understand London references and many other English things related so much better now, omg.  It's kind of amazing how ignorant I was that I can't even put it all to words.  Oh, and below is my slideshow of awesome.... with all the pictures backwards *sigh*  Unfortunately there was so much I couldn't take a picture of because I wasn't allowed.

Don't be fooled by how bright and sunny everything is though.  This is not showing the 70% of the time that it was raining.  XD


I also want to thank everyone for all your awesome suggestions!  It was great help.  ^__^

Here's places worth noting:

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I don't suppose anyone's actually queued at Wimbledon before?  I happen to be there while it's going on and I'm kind of a closet tennis-groupie.

My USA vs. Brazil game

So, my totally awesome friend managed to get us fourth row tickets to the USA vs. Brazil game here last week.  We ended up breaking the record for biggest US audience at a USA Soccer/Football game!  :D  And we had a streaker.  It was all massively fun, even if I did predict the end score to a tee.  ^^;  Anyway, here are pics from the game!  :D  ....In reverse order.  Darn photobucket thumbnail generator...

OH!  AND JONES 13 was there on the USA team!!!  I have pictures!  XD  *is such a dork*

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I Kill For Food

My first book burning

So I had my first book burning yesterday.  Normally, I do not condone the burning of books, but this is a special case.  The author is a rapist, who founded a cult/pyramid scheme organization called D*hn Y*g* that currently has its hooks in one of my dearest friends.  She gave me the damn book.  Seriously, burn C*ll of S*d*n* by *lch* L** if you have it.  It's EVIL.  (If you're wondering why I'm blotting out letters - it's so they can't find this post automatically by Google.  Because organizations like these do shit like that.)

She's telling me all these things about this group - how it's trying to take over her life, how they keep trying to hit her up for more money - which made me do the investigating about how bad it actually is.  And I don't understand how she can see these warning bells and not see how bad this group is.

Seriously, Forbes, Rolling Stone Magazine, CNN and the actual court case cannot all be wrong.

http://www.rickross.com/reference/dti/dti44.pdf - I am particularly concerned about pages 2 and 3 where they say someone was drugged and killed in Arizona..

Anyway, so onto my first book burning.  Honestly, kind of anticlimactic.  All I ended up with was a ton of smoke and half-burned pages.  There are probably better ways to do it...  I need to find more effective ways to express my passive aggressive hatred at this organization.


So I got an elliptical. Good. I've used it everyday for at least half an hour. Good.

So... how do I now suddenly keep my stomach from eating itself alive?